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AMD Joins MeeGo Linux Open Source Linux Project


At the MeeGo Conference 2010, AMD today announced it has joined The Linux Foundation’s MeeGo open source Linux project, and will provide engineering expertise intended to help establish the technical foundations for next-generation mobile platforms and embedded devices.

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Could this Lawsuit Undermine the GNU GPL?


As I've noted before, it's pretty well established that the GNU GPL stands up in the courts: gone are the days when detractors of copyleft could claim it would “never work”. But the GPL is still under attack, only in more subtle ways, so the open source world can't just sit back and relax.

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Building a Guile extension on an embedded device


"Thanks to OpenEmbedded building extensions for Guile that run on embedded devices such as the BeagleBoard is fairly painless [...] As an example I built packedobjects as a Guile extension for my BeagleBoard..." -- via globa

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Richard's Dream and Institutionalized Mental Illness


"...Something else that hasn't changed is vendor's annoying, no, make that pathological mania for secrecy. Another gadget you can get is one to read and decipher the trouble codes emitted by your vehicle's engine. These have just a tiny bit of storage, so if you don't capture the information quickly it's lost, which makes diagnosing a transient problem ever so much fun.

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ASUS Motherboard Ships With Embedded Linux, Web Browser


Embedded onto the P5E3 Deluxe is a Linux environment that features a Firefox-rebranded web browser and the Skype VoIP client! Within five seconds of turning on this $360 USD gaming/enthusiast motherboard, you can be using Linux and surfing the Internet.

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Linux to remain a leading embedded OS, says analyst


A "significant portion" of development teams continue to use Linux as their primary embedded OS, a recent VDC survey finds. Additionally, the results suggest the trend will persist, "as the majority of current Linux users surveyed plan to use Linux again as their primary operating system on future [embedded] projects."

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Linux to grow 278% in embedded apps


Linux use in future embedded, mobile, and real-time projects will grow 278 percent over that in past projects, suggests a recent survey by Venture Development Corp. (VDC). Meanwhile, proprietary commercial embedded operating systems are holding steady, gaining customers from do-it-yourself OS users, but losing them just as fast to Linux, the analyst firm reports.

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Linux computer fits in USB key


A start-up located in the French Alps near Grenoble is readying a tiny ARM-based Linux single-board computer (SBC) in a USB key form-factor. Calao, based in Sant Martin le Vinoux, is also readying a tiny Linux SBC designed to plug into QIL (quad in-line) IC sockets.

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