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Economists Say Copyright and Patent Laws Are Killing Innovation; Hurting Economy

Patent and copyright law are stifling innovation and threatening the global economy according to two economists at Washington University in St. Louis in a new book, Against Intellectual Monopoly.

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Making money with Free Software

Anoop John, CEO of Zyxware technologies and initiator of the Freedom Walk, writes a detailed arcticle about economic model of Free Software. He is looking for comments as it will be published in a engineering college magazine.

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Impossible thing #1: Developing efficient, well engineered free software like Debian GNU/Linux

With any paradigm shift, it is difficult to see the new world from the old one, even though it is glaringly obvious once you’ve crossed over. Empirical evidence is one way to bridge the gap. To that end, I want to show some solid evidence for the “impossible” things that commons-based peer production (CBPP) has already accomplished—things that the old conventional wisdom would tell us “can’t be done”. This week, I’ll look at what is probably the most obvious case: free software.

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Debating the economics of Windows-to-Linux migration

My post last week on the difficult economics of Windows-to-Linux desktop migrations in big organizations like government agencies drew a fair amount of reader comments, all of it commendably polite and reasonable.

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Tighter budgets mean more Open Source

I just read two really interesting articles (Giving proprietary vendors a run for their money & Could Linux become the dominant OS?).These articles and a discussion I had yesterday about budget constraints for the next calendar year makes me think that Open Source Software (OSS) is on the verge of becoming mainstream over the next few years.

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The Economics of Open Source Donations

"This month, Packt columnist and open source enthusiast Mayank Sharma explores the economics behind open source projects, what they do with their donations and how crucial they can be to their future."

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