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Court Fails to Protect Privacy of Whistleblower's Email


This court decision should provide a wake-up call for all those planning to store documents in the so-called "cloud".

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How to Create Custom Email Templates in KMail


KMail, KDE’s email client, is a robust and still very popular choice for those who still prefer to have their emails on their desktop, even when they are offline. It is part of the Kontact PIM (Personal Information Management) suite and offers many useful and unique features. Among those features is the ability to create advanced email templates.

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E-mail usage in the Free Software community


Would you go to a job interview in your sweatpants? Would you sent your CV with handwritten corrections? If you answer those questions with no, you might also want to write professional e-mails. The Free Software community is a tough environment when it comes to e-mail usage. This new short guide tries to help you that the community perceive you as a professional communicator.

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Schedule periodic tasks with cron


Periodic schedulers come in many shapes and sizes but one constant is cron, the scheduling daemon that will run programs and scripts at arbitrary times or intervals. A number of different cron implementations exist: although vixie-cron may be the most popular, there are other similar programs such as dcron, fcron, anacron, and others.

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Stay In the Know With KDE's Kontact


I used to switch between KDE's Kontact and GNOME's Evolution. But it's been a long time since I've looked back at the latter. I finally settled on Kontact to keep me in touch with the reality of my hectic daily schedule. See how you can keep up...

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