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Text Frames in Scribus


As a layout program, Scribus puts objects in frames so that they can be manipulated more easily. Images, drawing primitives, tables - if it is content, Scribus puts it in a color-coded frame, with eight handles so that you can position it by dragging it around. But of all its frames, the most important - and probably the most customizable - is the text frame.

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DTP in Linux with Pagestream


Remember Amiga? Well, if you're old enough to remember that platform, then you might remember the Pagestream desktop publishing system. Pagestream began in 1986 as Publishing Partner for the Atari Computers.

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Free Desktop Publishing with Scribus (Open Source)


Scribus is the leading open source solution for desktop publishing (DTP); it supports professional features like press-ready color separations and PDF output, as well as every media file type under the sun

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Free Software Supporter -- Issue 13, April 2009


* Version 2.2 of gNewSense released
* FSF releases audio recording of LibrePlanet conference
* Winners of the annual free software awards announced!
* Help spring the Javascript Trap
* European Elections and the Free Software Pact
* Can you help the Open Graphics Project?
* Nintendo DSi: Defective by DESiGN
* Join Amazon authors' "drmfree" effort

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Digital Tipping Point, a documentary on the free software and free culture movements


"Digital Tipping Point, a documentary on the free software and free culture movements, recently posted over 80 digitized hours (350 hours have been shot in total) of CC BY-SA licensed footage of 'leading politicians, CEOs, and software developers from all over the world.' ..."

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o3 magazine: How to build your own magazine with Scribus


Issue 9 of o3 magazine is now available. This issue looks at how to build your own professional magazine (digital or print) using Open Source tools. This is basically a step by step guide to how we build o3 magazine.

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