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STUX 2.0 exhibits major improvements


STUX 2.0, released last month, is a remarkable improvement from the 0.9.2 release I reviewed a couple years ago. While the look and feel of the Slackware-based distribution have stayed pretty much the same, STUX lacks the glaring technical problems that made it unusable on the previous occasion.

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Zenwalk: Slackware's Moment of Zen


Zenwalk (formerly known as Minislack) is a Slackware based distribution. Don't let its previous name fool you: Zenwalk is more like Slackware than some of the Slackware-driven pendrive distributions, such as SLAX. In the right circumstances, there are major advantages to using Zenwalk over Slackware (or SLAX).

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Slax 6 is released


So, it’s released. I have to setup the website in order to make it usable, a lot of documentation have to be written, the Build Slax feature have to be tested, but everything seems so far so good. Please be kind to the server and download Slax 6 now only if you really need it. If you don’t, please wait few hours or days, or try a mirror (it will take some time to be updated, entire Slax 6 release is over 10GB of data, because all international versions are prepared for you as well)

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What is a GNU/Linux distribution?


A detailed explanation of what a GNU/Linux distribution or distro is.

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