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British Telecom: please include freedom in your new music service

As British Telecom plans to roll out their new music subscription service to its 5.5 million broadband customers, FSFE asks them to make user freedom one of the product's key features.

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Why You Should Buy (and Sell) Music in FLAC

Years ago some companies realized they can sell music online. They started selling music in lower quality formats and never made enough effort to offer full CD quality audio, which is pretty much a standard we agreed on about 30 years ago. When some stores do offer CD quality, they often want more money for it, treating it as premium.

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Set up RPM Fusion with Fedora to shore up multimedia support

With the proliferation of music services and downloads, it’s easy to forget that many Linux distributions don’t provide support for MP3 and other restrictive codecs. These file types are generally encumbered by patents or non-free licenses and, because of this, a number of distributions will not ship these packages.

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Russian court confirms legality of

On October 24 a district court in Moscow has confirmed the ‘no copyright infringement’ verdict. is indeed legal!

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