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Gimmie ultimate desktop organizer for Linux

Gimmie is a unique desktop organizer for Linux. It’s designed to allow easy interaction with all the applications, contacts, documents and other things you use every day. Gimmie can be run either as a stand-alone application or added as a GNOME Panel applet.

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KDE's Plasma is heating up

KDE launched Plasma in 2005 to revitalize the desktop interface, which the project said had remained "essentially the same" as it was in 1984. The initiative sought to renovate the KDE desktop codebase for the upcoming KDE 4 release, as well as to make innovations to KDE 3's conservative interface.

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2008 May Be the Year of the Open-Source Desktop

The desktop is uncharted territory. Over the past year, I’ve been on a quest to find an operating system that balances ease of use, stability, low cost and high functionality...I think I can say when the open-source desktop will become a more widely deployed end-user operating system: when it becomes a product and not a project.

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Dell *is* offering full Linux desktop hardware support [after all]

In the past several days, rumors have surfaced that Dell would not be offering extended warranty and CompleteCare hardware support options for its Ubuntu Linux desktop and laptops. And indeed, if you went to Dell's Ubuntu PC buying site, you'd find those options missing.

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