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Fast and striking criticism of WebP by x264 developer

JPEG is a very old lossy image format. By today’s standards, it’s awful compression-wise: practically every video format since the days of MPEG-2 has been able to tie or beat JPEG at its own game. The reasons people haven’t switched to something more modern practically always boil down to a simple one -- it’s just not worth the hassle.

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FSF Hostility/Disagreement from a Libertarian, TechDirt, and Microsoft General Counsel

This post addresses common new criticisms of the FSF and/or its philosophy

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The Linux Foundation Should Stop Criticizing Solaris

Recently, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, came out basically saying that Solaris, Sun's recently open-sourced operating system, will never go anywhere. He even took a shot at it being open-source, saying that open-sourcing it was 'too little and too late'

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5 Anti-Linux Sites You Must Follow!

Wait…what? Ever since I read Jeremy Allison’s blog post about why we need to hear criticisms from people who dislikes Linux, I have been thinking a lot about what he said and how it hits very close to my own philosophy about life: In order to improve, you need to be open to criticisms; even from your enemies.

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When open source projects close the process, something's wrong

wice in recent weeks open source projects have surprised me with their lack of openness. In both cases, developers acted or spoke out in such a way as to intentionally push other developers away from their work.

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