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Who Benefits from the CPAN?

If you talk to Jarkko about the CPAN, he'll likely tell you that it's primarily a distribution service. It's a series of regularly updated mirrors containing some metadata and an archive of redistributable code. Many proposals for enhancements and replacements and reinventions in other languages have come and gone. Most of them have tried to add complexity to this simple base.

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X11::GUITest Build Errors

X11::GUITest and X11::GUITest::record CPAN modules help you control X11 applications using perl programming language and do some rather simple automation tasks.

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"I have always been unhappy reading source code on the Internet and on slides. The colors are never quite right. It seems like every Perl to HTML converter in existence gets it wrong (my blog is no exception).

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Perl Experts - Why They Are Passionate About Perl

"Popularity of a language at the end of the day, comes down to the passion of the user community. A passionate and vibrant community helps language adoption and help increase its popularity. We wanted to talk to a select few experts, people who are experts in the language and ask their opinion. This is Part 1..."

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