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RIAA record companies settle a copyright infringement class action lawsuit

Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., EMI Music Canada Inc., Universal Music Canada Inc. and Warner Music Canada Co. have agreed to pay songwriters and music publishers $47.5 million in damages for copyright infringement and overdue royalties to settle a class action lawsuit.

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Why the GPL Sinks SCO's Copyright Infringement Claims, Even if it Owned the Copyrights

I've started to wonder if Novell or IBM has explained to SCO's Chapter 11 Trustee Edward Cahn how the GPL works. It cuts through all the other ways SCO is bound to lose, in my view. Then, I thought: why not just explain it myself? You never know. It might prove useful to put it all in one place. So, here goes, SCO and the GPL.

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Your Song Is Not Worth $80,000

It may not be Linux-related, but this is just not right. You may have heard of Jamie Thomas's trial a while ago. She is being accused of infringing on the copyrights of 24 songs, by sharing them with a P2P service. I have no idea if this is guilty or not, but the fine is simply too much : $80,000 for every song.

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Free Software Foundation Files Suit Against Cisco For GPL Violations

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced that it has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Cisco. The FSF's complaint alleges that in the course of distributing various products under the Linksys brand Cisco has violated the licenses of many programs on which the FSF holds copyright, including GCC, binutils, and the GNU C Library.

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Healthcare Advocates -- The Incredible "Lawyers as Hackers" Case

You may have read about the unusual case where a law firm was sued for going to the Internet Archive and printing out some pages it found there, to use as evidence in a case. They won the case, but then they were accused by the loser of copyright infringement, "hacking" or a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and violating the DMCA by bypassing a robots.txt file.

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