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Linux kernel: 13 million lines, over 5 patches per hour

The Linux Foundation has published its third annual report about Linux kernel authorship.

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Debian to officially welcome non-packaging contributors

Today, the Debian Project has overwhelmingly decided in a General Resolution to formally acknowlege the contribution made by many people who help Debian in ways other than maintaining packages -- by opening up the process of becoming an officially recognised Debian Developer.

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Extending Debian membership to non-programming contributors

Stefano raised again the issue of providing some kind of Debian membership to people that contribute to Debian in unusual ways like doing translation, documentation, marketing, design, etc. But what for?

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Becoming a Fedora contributor

I became a Fedora contributor after experiencing what I felt was a highly polished distro and outstanding support from the Fedora user community. I had attempted to become a contributor for another distro, but the process required to do so ended up being so long and difficult that I just gave up and moved on.

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Arch Linux lost one of its biggest contributors

Jan Mette (funkyou) passed away of as-yet unknown causes. Jan was a major contributor to the Arch Linux community, the creator of KDEmod and a founding member of the Chakra team.

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OpenStreetMap to reach 250,000 contributors today

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) Project has announced that it will reach more than 250,000 registered users today

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Time to Help an Open Source Hero

People contribute to free software in many ways. Some write the stuff; some write *about* the stuff, spreading the word; and some actually spread open source directly by giving away systems to those who need them. We hear a lot about the stars of first group, and the second group make a lot of noise on their own. But too often we take the third group for granted.

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Design in a P2P world: interview by Julien McHardy

"I met Julien McHardy, who is doing a master thesis at the Glasgow School of Art on the role of design in the creation of creative communities, during my lecture at the Urban Learning Space where I was invited by Yvonne Kincaid in April 2008.

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Is it hard for new contributors to help Debian? Can we improve things a bit?

Debian could use more manpower, but is it actually easy for new contributors who would like to help to do useful things, and get the impression that they actually improved Debian?

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