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How to Become a KDE Developer

In late 2009, Antonis Tsiapaliokas had his first contact with Linux. At that time, he had just started learning the C programming language and he was mostly unfamiliar with KDE software. Less than two years later, he just made his first code contributions to KDE software. Read on to find out more on how Antonis became a KDE developer.

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Ready to be an open source contributor but don't know where to start?

In early 2009, as the stories of many websites begin, a few college friends were considering what kind of project they might start together. In this particular case, the result was OpenHatch.

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Not a Programmer? Linux Needs You!

Inspired by a comment I received yesterday explaining the problems with non-programmers getting involved in helping Linux projects, I have decided to give a little guidance on how to help out if you are not the code monkey type.

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Becoming a Fedora contributor

I became a Fedora contributor after experiencing what I felt was a highly polished distro and outstanding support from the Fedora user community. I had attempted to become a contributor for another distro, but the process required to do so ended up being so long and difficult that I just gave up and moved on.

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Sharing, Contributing... and Caching

This story is part bug hunt, part open-source love-story. The bug was a particularly gnarly, beautiful little bug and I'm going to try to convey some of that to you.

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10 things for non-coders to do with free software over Christmas

Some of us will find some kind of alleged spare time on our hands over the next few weeks. Certainly, there's often some kind of break from "work" over the festive season. Traditionally free software developers have used such times for long coding sessions, get-togethers and "hack-fests".

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Spend your vacation getting started with OpenStreetMap

We have written about the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project many times, but we have yet to explain how to get started with it as a contributor. Since it is the vacation high season in the Northern Hemisphere and many more people will be hitting the maps, this is the perfect time. You can contribute a lot to the project even if you don't own a Global Positioning System (GPS) device -- or even a compass.

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Bringing Microsoft to the table: Can MS become an open source contributor?

Novell is working with Microsoft to help Microsoft cooperate and contribute to open source projects under open source licenses, and sticking with the existing standards to do so. Keen observers of the tech industry might note that this is a bit of a rarity, but it’s something that I hope we’ll see more of from Microsoft.

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Open Source Contribution - Alternative to Certification?

Did you ever spend your time on preparing for Java certification exams? I did. I got 5 different certificates in the beginning of my carreer. I was so proud those days about this achievement, but now I don’t even know where are those precious certificates. I just don’t see the value in those anymore.

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