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There's Something About Ubuntu

Lucid Lynx is enjoying glowing reviews, and Ubuntu in general is immensely popular, as Linux distros go. What is it about Ubuntu that gives it such a large, loyal following? Granted, not everyone is Ubuntu's friend -- "irritating" and "fatally flawed" were a few choice adjectives that pop up. But others figure that if Linux is going to have a flagship distro, Ubuntu might as well be it.

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Boycott Novell: Champion of freedom or den of paranoia?

Few sites about free software attract more controversy than Boycott Novell. Founded in 2006 in response to the first Microsoft-Novell deal, as its name suggests, the site has evolved more recently into a site for commentary and investigation of any subject that might be a threat to free software.

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Why I choose copyleft for my projects

Terry Hancock made a few statements about why developers choose a copyleft licence as did Tony Mobily in his editorial for issue 20. So let me tell you why this developer chose (and continues to choose) a copyleft licence?

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Darl McBride: SCO's Prophet and Savior

"I was recently perusing through some old podcasts and came across an IT Conversations episode from November of 2003. It featured a speech given by SCO's CEO, Darl McBride, at Jupitermedia's Computer Digital Expo Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18th, 2003. The speech was titled "There's No Free Lunch...Or Free Linux.""

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