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Build It And They Will Come

Case study for purchasing and installing a new Linux cluster in a Windows office.

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Setting up a MySQL Cluster for your Linux desktop

So, what is MySQL Cluster? It is a database solution which tries to solve high availability issues by using multiple synchronous masters (for the lack of a better phrase) in a shared-nothing environment. In order to solve a lot of the latency issues associated with multiple masters, it keeps all the indexed data in memory to enable fast processing of the data.

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How to monitor your Red Hat Cluster using Python and SNMP

Now that I am done with the implementation of RHE Cluster with GFS2, I now need to setup monitoring. As you all know, monitoring is a vital part of any environment. Even though we have a cluster of nodes setup, we still need to be aware of what is happening. I created two new commands. The first command is to emulate clustat, but through python and SNMP.

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Linux Cluster Supercomputer Performs Surgery on Dog

In April, the Lonestar supercomputer, a Dell Linux Cluster with 5,840 processors at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in Austin, performed laser surgery on a dog in Houston without the intervention of a surgeon.

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