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Flip: A Simple Camera Done Right

Sometime back I gave a pretty strong pan review of a couple of "toys" that were not compatible with GNU/Linux - with open standards really, since the community ensures that free software is compliant - and were therefore nothing more than a disappointment to my kids.

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'Frankencamera': A Giant Leap For Digital Photos?

It's big. It's ugly. It's made from recycled parts, and uses a Linux operating system.

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New Open-source Camera Could Revolutionize Photography

Stanford photo scientists are out to reinvent digital photography with the introduction of an open-source digital camera, which will give programmers around the world the chance to create software that will teach cameras new tricks.

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streaming video in firefox

"Asa Dotzler has been trying to get live streaming working with our new native video support that’s coming with Firefox 3.1. That is, video that is taken by a camera, encoded and pushed directly out to a web server instead of stored as a file so you can watch an event in real time.

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Controlling your camera from your computer with gPhoto

Both of the big powerhouses in the digital SLR camera market -- Canon and Nikon -- make software with which you can control your camera from your PC through an attached USB cable. It is a nice tool for situations when manually triggering the shutter might cause shake (such as long exposures), or for automating multiple shots at timed intervals.

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