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19 Play starwars galaxy easter egg in calc

There is a hidden game in the Openoffice Spreadsheet program Calc, the game is an Easter Egg that let’s you play a simple version of Space Invaders, titled StarWars Galaxy, so if you are working with openoffice and you need a break, you do know what to do ;).

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21 Calc: The Mysteries of DataPilots Revealed

If you're coming fresh from Microsoft Excel, you might wonder where the Pivot tables are in Calc. The problem is, they're masquerading under the name of DataPilots. But, under any name, DataPilots are Calc's way of allowing you to quickly reorganize information in a range of cells so that you can gain a new insight into them.

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Creating an invoicing system with

If you run a business, finding an efficient system for managing invoices is critical for sustaining a positive cash flow. Here’s how you can create an easy invoicing solution using Writer and Calc.

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30 Similarities Between MS Excel and OOo Calc

This is another article in my series that shows the similarities between and Microsoft Office (pre-Office 2007. Using a new product requires some re-learning. That’s unavoidable. But you rarely have to learn an entirely new set of skills—it’s just that the new stuff sticks out at us.

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Any way you want it: Calc spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts

You can have virtually any shortcuts you want in There are a zillion features you don't know about that you can apply shortcuts to. It's really easy to do. And once you've got it set to your preferences, you can easily give the file to your friends.

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20 community conflict leads to fragmentation

In a blog entry posted yesterday, developer Kohei Yoshida expresses his frustration with Sun's excessively bureaucratic specification process and unwillingness to compromise and communicate with members of the community. Yoshida invested a tremendous amount of personal time developing a sophisticated optimization solver module for the Calc program.

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Using the Navigator to get around in an OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet

I've been talking about using the Navigator in Writer. Here are a few ways to use the Navigator in Calc spreadsheets.

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