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Free GNU/Linux distributions

"Following are the GNU/Linux distributions we know of which have a firm policy commitment to only include and only propose free software. They reject non-free applications, non-free programming platforms, non-free drivers, or non-free firmware “blobs”.

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FUSBi (the Free USB Installer) 0.3.1 released!

FUSBi, the Free USB Installer, is a nifty, little application that creates bootable images of free GNU/Linux distributions on USB drives (or hdd if you want).
FUSBi supports all of the GNU/Linux distros recognized as free by the Free Software Foundation. These include gNewSense, UTUTO, Dynebolic, Musix GNU+Linux, BLAG and GNUstep.

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Interview with Jeff Moe: BLAG, linux-libre and More

Jeff Moe is a 37 year old self-employed father. Better known as jebba, he is the main developer behind the 100% Free distribution BLAG (for BLAG Linux And GNU). He is also leading a couple of other Free software projects. He kindly agreed to give Blue GNU an interview by Jabber.

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The Importance of the 'Completely Libre' Distributions

"The appearance in the past year of so-called "completely libre" distributions such as gNewSense and Gobuntu, especially against the backdrop of existing distributions, like BLAG, Dyne:bolic, Ututo and others, might seem to point to an increased interest in software freedom.

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