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Help Get Coreboot Onto System76 Machines!

System76 is taking a look at getting Coreboot onto their machines. However, it is up to us to show them that we really want it. Sign the petition, and help out the Free Software community.

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How To Reverse Engineer A Motherboard BIOS

Since being let go by Novell last year where he worked on the RadeonHD Linux graphics driver and X.Org support within SuSE Linux, Luc Verhaegen has continued work on his VIA Unichrome DDX driver as well as other X.Org code and he has also become involved with the CoreBoot project that aims to create a free software BIOS for most chipsets and motherboards on the market.

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How to enhance the physical security posture of your Linux/BSD-powered PC

Securing a computer goes beyond more than just using strong passwords. You should consider what happens if an unauthorized person gains physical access to your computer. If the only security feature protecting your data from an unauthorized person is a user account password, then you have not taken enough steps to protect your computer and your data.

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BIOS flashing comes to Linux at last

No more dirty DOS bootdisks need touch your pristine Linux box, now that a new Linux app FlashROM is on the verge of release.

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FSF: Chips and Motherboards that support a Free BIOS - LinuxBIOS

"You can help our campaign by buying AMD CPU chips and not buying Intel. AMD have been helpful but Intel needs to be persuaded. Likewise, buy motherboards that support free BIOS. Tyan Computer Corporation are very helpful to the LinuxBIOS project and employ a full-time LinuxBIOS developer..."

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Operating systems - who needs them?

Several years back, I remember meeting some guys from Phoenix Technologies, one of the major developers of PC firmware, who showed me one such idea whose rebirth is well overdue.

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Phoenix rises from BIOS ashes with Linux-based Virtualization

With the BIOS business in a long-term decline, Phoenix is aiming for a rebirth as a vendor of technology that, instead of enabling Windows, starts to compete with it. On Monday, the California-based vendor unveiled a Linux-based virtualization platform called HyperSpace.

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Ubuntu is NOT causing aggressive power management

The following things might instead cause aggressive power management settings :

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