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Why you should not pay for extended warranty if you use Linux

I have read a rather sad story today. Apparently the Best Buy Geeks squad refused to service the machine of someone who had purchased an $80 extended warranty for its netbook just because he had installed Ubuntu Linux.

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SFLC Sues 14 Brands For Violating the GPL

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) filed a copyright infringement suit against Best Buy, Samsung, JVC, Westinghouse, and ten other consumer electronics brands for using BusyBox in violation of the terms of the GPLv2.

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Microsoft unleashes retail talking points attacking Linux, Macs

I'd seen the Linux presentation, apparently there's a Mac one out there too.

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Microsoft 'indoctrinates' Best Buy workers with anti-Linux 'lies'

Microsoft (MFST) is "indoctrinating" Best Buy (BBY) workers to sell its highly anticipated Windows 7 operating system using outright lies about the performance of open-source competitor Linux, according to Linux experts and at least one Best Buy employee who has seen the alleged Microsoft training slides.

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Best Buy Sells Linux

Best Buy has started selling the Asus Eee Laptop to consumers on their website. The Asus Eee Laptop comes pre-bundled with the Xandros Linux operating system.

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Open Source Alternatives To Geek Squad

Best Buy's Geek Squad has certainly enjoyed its share of press in recent months. But I found some amusing things about some of their policies -- which were recently leaked to the public (thanks to a link found at The policies demonstrate that the "agents" are expected to make legal judgment calls regarding such applications as P2P options.

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