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Ballmer Bad-Mouths Google Chrome OS

You've got to hand it to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: The man's never afraid to speak his mind. He may be wrong a lot of the time, like in 2007 when he laughed off the iPhone, or defended Vista before an irate user. Nevertheless, Redmond's bombastic boss is always entertaining.

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World without Linux

"Microsoft CEO and President, Steve Ballmer was happy as a clam today at his WindowsWorld keynote in San Francisco's Gates Center [...] At this point in his keynote speech, there was a disturbance in the front as a group of demonstrators started shouting "GNU-HURD! GNU-HURD! GNU-HURD!" The police quickly hustled them away..."

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The Ballmer Youth

Matt Asay suspects that Microsoft has already begun brainwashing children.

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Lies, Damn Lies, Steve Ballmer and His Consultants/Analysts

Microsoft’s nervousness is very telling. In the past few days alone, the word about the departure of two Vice Presidents came out. They join a large-scale and ongoing exodus. How does Microsoft respond? It attacks and shamelessly accuses its rivals, of course.

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Ballmer: Microsoft Will Buy Open-Source Companies

"We will do some buying of companies that are built around open-source products," Ballmer said during an onstage interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

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And Ballmer Blathers On

After reading an InformationWeek article about Steve Ballmer suggesting, yet again, that GNU/Linux users - or at least the Red Hat users - owe Microsoft money for violating patents he, yet again, refuses to disclose. But Ballmer is missing something - or maybe I am.

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Ballmer to become ambassador to China?!?

Irascible chair-flinging corporate tyrant Steve Ballmer could be in the running for a top government job, it was revealed last week.

Presidential hopeful John McCain, speaking at the D: All Things Digital conference, ... dropped the name of Ballmer as a possible McCain administration member, to the astonishment of the audience.

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