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Nightshade Forks From Stellarium, Designs Open Source Software for Planetariums

Stellarium is a great astronomy application for helping you learn about the skies overhead, but it's aimed mainly at astronomy buffs and casual users. Nightshade is a newly-launched fork of Stellarium designed exclusively for use for planetarium, teaching, and educational settings.

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Interstellar overdrive - Linux and astronomy

Desktop astronomy has become more accessible over the last few years as hardware and software have come down in price. For an outlay not much greater than a top of the range PC it is possible to put together a CCD powered telescope that is more than adequate for hunting comets or prospecting for asteroids which are still popular pastimes among amateur astronomers.

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Gaze at the stars with Stellarium

We have had lots of programs featured here on Dedoimedo, but we never really focused on educational software. Until today. I'm going to present Stellarium, a beautiful, pleasant, addictive open-source planetarium software.

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View the stars in Linux with Stellarium

If you are learning about the stars in school, an amateur sky watcher, or a meteorologist in the making you need to know your stars. To really see the stars you can visit a real planetarium, you can break out your serious telescope, or you can install and fire up a desktop application like Stellarium.

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Created by waterbag 8 years 29 weeks ago – Made popular 8 years 29 weeks ago
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Stellarium: planetarium for your desktop

Stellarium is a great piece of software that works on several different computer platforms. If you are interested in astronomy or would like to teach your children about it than give it a try.

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A chat with Linux Astronomy's Eugene Clement (video)

At SCALE 6x in February, one of the first things on the expo floor to grab my attention was the scaffolding of a large telescope jutting up towards the ceiling in the far corner of the room. The device belonged to the Linux Astronomy project, which built the entire system from scratch.

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Free/Open-source Astronomy Software

Astronomy, considered as one of the oldest sciences, is the scientific study of celestial objects (such as stars, planets, comets, and galaxies) and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere (such as the cosmic background radiation).

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