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Salix OS 13.1 LXDE Screenshots

Salix OS is a Slackware-based Linux distribution that has been optimized for desktop use. Salix features backwards compatibility with its Slackware base giving Slackware users access to the Salix repository as well.

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We want you for Squeeze artwork

In essence, the initiative is a Debian Squeeze artwork “contest” where Debian enthusiasts skilled in graphics can contribute themes and propose them to become the official/default theme for Debian Squeeze.

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Mandriva 2010 Spring backgrounds contribution

Mandriva will provide 10 more backgrounds to complete official design of your favorite distribution. How to participate?

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UbuntuSun – Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid) Proposed Artwork (Updated)

We have already posted about ubuntusun and now we have updated artwork from the author.

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Karmic’s New Boot & Login Screen

he Ubuntu design team have published mock-ups of the proposed Ubuntu 9.10 Boot and GDM screens.

In a post on the Ubuntu-art mailing list, Mat Tomaszewski revealed the proposed designs, and confirmed the plan for Ubuntu to use a new boot-screen manager, replacing Usplash with Xsplash.

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Why the Artwork Refresh in Karmic Koala is Important

One of the major goals of Ubuntu Karmic Koala outlined in Mark Shuttleworth's recent announcement is a new look for Ubuntu, something that has been requested a lot. Not everyone, though, thinks this should be a priority. A WorksWithU article voices the concern that there are more pressing issues for Ubuntu than giving it a new look.

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Artwork for Ubuntu Jaunty Already Impressive

Just before Intrepid Ibex came out, I had a few things to say about the new artwork. In a last-minute switch, things improved a little, but I was still never impressed with Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex in the way that Fedora 10 or Ubuntu Hardy Heron impressed me. It seems we are barely even started into the new release cycle, yet I can already say there are some very promising choices.

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Remastering Ubuntu With Better Art

As you know, I am not very happy with the state of artwork in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex. It seems to me that Ubuntu has taken a small step back, while many of the other distributions continue to head in the right direction.

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Spread the word, share this ODF artwork.

Red Hat graphic designers are no strangers to the pains of proprietary formats. Over the years, many have lost photographs, archived projects, and important portfolio work when formats have been changed. They’ve been forced to upgrade before they’re ready, too.

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