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Are Enterprise AJAX Applications Doomed…Or Are We?


Sometimes, it seems that the world is all about man vs. technology, and one has to lose. This seems to be the question raised about AJAX; from the general challenges of AJAX, including cost and expertise needed, to its security issues, will the technological good prevail or will we humans be seeking an alternative?

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Primitive Data Types, Arrays, Loops, and Conditions in JavaScript


The tutorial walks you through the primitive data types in JavaScript, such as strings and numbers. Moreover, it takes you through the common operators, and explains the flow control statements, such as loops and if-else conditions.

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Build Powerful Websites Using JavaScript and jQuery with New Drupal Book


Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery book will give users the keys to the toolbox, detailing how to use Drupal’s JavaScript libraries to make modules and themes more dynamic, interactive and responsive and help to create powerful AJAX-enabled scripts, striking visual effects, and view-enhancing behaviours using jQuery

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Registration Open for jQuery Conference 2008


"Registration for jQuery Conference 2008 is officially open. Register now to ensure your spot! As announced, this one-day conference will be held in Boston on Sunday, September 28 ..." (jquery is free software dual-licensed under the GPL and MIT licenses)

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Why did Javascript/AJAX mop the floor with Java, Flash and Silverlight?


It's not always true that the neatest, most advanced technology ends up winning most of the market share. There are other reasons which get in the way. Sometimes, the less advanced solutions end up winning - and evolve in order to become more solid and established.

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Researchers Warn of Ajax Attacks


Companies that have used Asynchronous JavaScript and XML to jazz up corporate Web sites may be dangerously vulnerable to a variety of Web-based threats, warned researchers at the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas this month. Billy Hoffman of SPI Dynamics said at the conference that many corporate Web developers are not paying attention to fundamental Ajax security issues.

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