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Ten obscure Linux applications you need to try

With thousands of Linux tools available, it is inevitable that some of the best ones get lost in the crowd. Jack Wallen introduces apps that more admins should know about.

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syslog-ng Open Source Edition adds TLS and SQL support

Version 3.0 of syslog-ng Open Source Edition has been released. Its main features include native TLS and SQL support, support for the new syslog protocol and message-format standard developed by IETF, and the ability to segment and rewrite log messages.

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Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins

Learn these 10 tricks and you'll be the most powerful Linux® systems administrator in the universe...well, maybe not the universe, but you will need these tips to play in the big leagues. Learn about SSH tunnels, VNC, password recovery, console spying, and more. Examples accompany each trick, so you can duplicate them on your own systems.

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Keeping separate history files for users who su to root

If you're like me and work for a company who has many linux admins all logging into servers and then su'ing to root, you may find this tip beneficial. It is simply 3 lines that you add to root's .bash_profile which will keep separate history files for each admin that su's to root and the commands they ran. It will allow you to go back and see what the user did as root.

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Top 25 Linux Commands for the Absolute Newbie Admins

Perhaps your company is just switching to Linux, to save on costs. Or, maybe you’re starting University, and you have no idea how to get around the Linux Systems they’ve just installed. Or if you’re like me, you’re curious about how Linux works, and you have it installed at home.

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