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Abiword has smart quotes!!


I haven't run the AbiWord word processor in an age. I barely ever run OpenOffice, or MS Office, or any office software outside of Google Docs. I decided to fire it up, and while I was looking for the word-wrap settings (still don't know if these exist ...) instead learned that AbiWord now offers SMART QUOTES.

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AbiWord 2.8.0 Released, Loaded With New Features


Open source word processing program AbiWord has a new release this week that sports several new features and a slew of bugfixes. AbiWord, long overshadowed by OpenOffice.org, is a fine multi-platform application in its own right and the new goodies in version 2.8.0 bring even more to the table.

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AbiWord 2.7.3 Released


We just released AbiWord 2.7.3. The most visible addition to this release is the return of our Maemo support.

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How to Use Mail Merge with AbiWord and KOffice


Both AbiWord and KOffice were originally built for GNU/Linux, but both now have versions for Mac OS X and Windows as well. Both these FOSS programs have a Mail Merge function you can use for letters, labels, envelopes.

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AbiWord’s Embrace of OpenDocument Format Increased, Gets Funding from NLnet


AbiWord to improve ODF support; OOXML has DRM; antitrust exhibit returns

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AbiWord Version 2.6.5 Works With Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer


AbiWord has been my favorite open source word processor for a long time, and it's now out in a new version 2.6.5, which adds some excellent features. If you haven't used this application (for Windows or Linux) before, definitely download it, and if you already use it, go for the upgrade.

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