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Submitted by dave on Mon, 12/03/2007 - 15:12

Hello dear readers,

We have just finished the cross-over from our old site, which ran on Pligg, to our new site which runs on Drupal + some of our own custom modules.

It has been a tough time for us in the past couple of months leading up to this. We have all worked very hard. Alan, our graphic designer, has done an absolutely fantastic job creating and polishing our new look. Jake McGraw started us off with all the JavaScript and Anthony Taylor sweated over finishing it off. Thanks a lot you guys. I did my part: organising, requesting features, making demands, nitpicking, and generally getting in the way. But, I really have to give very special thank you to Tony Mobily whose tireless dedication to detail and work-aholism have really shone through. He has written somewhere in the order of 13,000 lines of code and worked well over 24 hours straight, at times, to produce something that can, and will, be used freely by anyone, because he has released it all under the GPL.

The Drupal modules Tony has created Simple Karma and Drigg can be configured in a variety of ways to create quite different sites. The new FSDaily site is just one of the multitude of possible configurations... with a very good CSS on top to make it look good. If you want to look at the base installation of Drigg you can find it at www.drigg.org, and, if you are after the project site, where the code is available, you can go to www.drigg-code.org.

Now it's time to have fun. Please have a good play around with everything. We've done a lot of testing ourselves but we need to know if there is anything that we've missed. We will continue to test and make improvements in the coming weeks. If you find any bugs or have any problems let us know by sending an email to "staff@" our domain "fsdaily.com".

All the best


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Great choice for the best Community

Great choice for the best Community, i waited for that day, I believe that Drupal is the best universal CMS and CMS API in the universe not only for Community and Personal websites but also for Small / Medium Enterprises SMEs websites :), really what you did is a great choice for the best community website .

Thanks to all the FSD Team and special thanks for Alan for his great simple eye-candy design and for choosing my favorite colors "Dark Green + Black" for the theme .

suggestion: can you replace the white color with light/medium gray one ? because the contrast between the dark green and the white affects the eyes.

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10 years 23 weeks 4 hours 30 min ago


I think it looks great.

I think it looks great. fsdaily is bar-none the greatest f/oss story site going.

Thanks for all the hard work.



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10 years 22 weeks 6 days 19 hours ago


This new look is awesome

I have rarely seen such a good looking website with great colours, good looking fonts and easily navigable interface. This is a huge improvement over the older design and I congratulate everyone who worked so hard to make this website look so great.

Comments on the improved functionality after using the website for a while ;)

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10 years 22 weeks 6 days 15 hours ago


Great Website

Your new website is great !
Thank you for the huge amount of work !!


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10 years 22 weeks 4 days 11 hours ago


Thank You!

Just a note of thanks for the work on the new site. The look is really great. I see different features that we will have to learn. I haven't seen it yet, but I hope there is a thread or article describing some of the functionality.

Dock Hoilman

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10 years 22 weeks 4 days 3 hours ago


I am working on a FAQ

Although we haven't had much in the way of questions, I can imagine some areas that need explaining. I will do some explaining in blog entries when I get time and I will then add them to a FAQ.

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10 years 22 weeks 4 days 7 hours ago


Very Cool Indeed

The site looks very cool guys love the new system and theme, and to release the codebase under GPL as Drigg is absolutely awesome and should be cheered loudly.

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10 years 22 weeks 4 hours 2 min ago


Authentication mess


With the new look the authentication is pain. Even though you select remember me, it does not. That is bearable. When you click on vote, it asks you to login, thats ok. But the problem is if you have opened any new windows before you sign it, it won't let you vote on anything. It says access denied. Its been happening many times now. Hope you will have a look at it and fix this annoying behavious.


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10 years 21 weeks 6 days 17 hours ago


The "remember me problem"...


The "remember me" issue is being investigated.
As of this one:

"if you have opened any new windows before you sign it, it won't let you vote on anything. It says access denied"

This is simply not fixable. Unfortunately, this would also happen with any other website on Earth...