FSDaily milestones - and a big thank you to one special FSDaily community member

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Submitted by dave on Thu, 04/23/2009 - 05:18

Just a quick message to everyone to say congratulations! FSDaily has been live now for slightly under two years and we have already had well over 25,000 stories published and over 9,000 promoted to our homepage. We also now have well over 5,000 users!

Well done everyone! Thanks for participating!

I want to take this opportunity to give a very special thank you to one fellow community member in particular. He has contributed a whopping 2,989 stories on his own. 1,377 of those stories have been promoted to our homepage. Please let him know he's appreciated.

So a huge THANKS goes from all of us to you... can.axis. You are truly a wonderful human being! :)

PS: I'll try to update you all on the stats when we hit our 2nd anniversary in July.

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8 years 38 weeks 2 days 12 hours ago


Thanks from me

Thanks dave and team for providing such a great site for the community.

Thanks to the FSDaily community for providing me with such great news and articles.

Thanks can.axis for doing such an outstanding job posting sooooo many articles.


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8 years 38 weeks 2 days 11 hours ago


Great, but how does this karma thing work?

Congratulations and thanks to fsdaily; this is one of my favourite sites, except for that troll Komrad and could someone explain how this Karma thing works? Can.Axis published more stories, gets more votes, but still the troll is is leading the best karma users and all he ever contributed to fsdaily is spamming BoycottNovell here.

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8 years 38 weeks 2 days 8 hours ago


Karma has a time limit

After x days the karma points are deleted so that the focus stays on recent participation rather than overall participation. Komrad must have been participating more than can.axis recently. This is another reason for my direct thanks to can.axis, because his contributions are long term and the karma system doesn't reflect long term contributions.

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8 years 38 weeks 2 days 10 hours ago


Thanks to all

Thanks to Dave, komrad, can.axis and everyone who makes this such a great and enjoyable site. 25,000 stories and 5,000+ users are top numbers. Keep up the good work everyone.

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8 years 38 weeks 1 day 16 hours ago


FSDaily is an important part of the Free Software Movement

Thanks to all who supported Free Software; you are ALL doing that ;) So this is why we should distinguish consistently between Linux, the kernel, and GNU/Linux, the entire system... Please avoid tagging GNU, GNU/Linux, or GPL stories with the term "open source"...

See here and here for more explanation.

dave, could you put the FSF widget on fsdaily.com ? Anyway, i really love FSDaily ;)

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8 years 38 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago


I agree...

I agree with the use of the terminology you speak of. I have been an advocate for freedom in software ever since I learned that there was such a thing.

I have added the FSF widget to our site. I believe they need support. It's a shame the FSF don't really support us though.

Thanks again can.axis!

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8 years 38 weeks 1 day 7 hours ago


Many FSDaily articles

Many FSDaily articles support themes that fail to follow (or even actively oppose) the FSF doctrine. I imagine the FSF don't support FSDaily due to the fact that this happens. Examples of differences include the use of the term Intellectual property, the term piracy to refer to Copyright infringement, the term Linux to refer to the GNU/Linux system, calls to encourage people to ignore freedom for other concerns (open source v. freedom) and even promotions to use proprietary software.

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8 years 38 weeks 15 hours 18 min ago


You are right but it's still a shame.

The very nature of FSDaily means that we have people who use different terminology when submitting articles. But beyond that I feel when an article is talking about "intellectual property", for example, even though I (and many of you) don't believe intellectual property should exist, it would be necessary to tag those stories with "intellectual property" so that when someone wants to see all the stories that talk about "intellectual property", they can.

RMS actually wrote to us when we first started FSDaily and asked us to change all the terms on stories that were submitted so that they used more accurate terminology. However, doing this - apart from being very time consuming and difficult - would also change the headlines and blurbs of articles which I feel is inappropriate. It would misrepresent the article.

In terms of stories that encourage ignoring freedom: I feel that they should be posted here even just so that our community can be aware of them, vote them down, and post comments that point out where the articles are going wrong. The idea behind this being that, when FSDaily links to articles, more often than not our link page ranks higher in search results than the original post, which means that people often land on our page for the article before they go to the original. This gives our community an opportunity to provide warnings/caveats/explanations of where the article goes wrong before they actually go and read it. Sadly, this doesn't happen often enough. Despite our impressive traffic stats, comments are few and far between here on FSDaily.

It would be better for us to get FSF community support to help identify and comment on these articles. If the "free software" people don't join the community then there will be relatively more "open source" people to direct the site and these sort of articles will not be vetted nor provided with caveats/warnings/explanations.

This site really gets to be whatever the community wants it to be (inside the scope of being free software-related). It is therefore defined within it's scope by the people who make up the community. If you want to change it, then invite people who are more inline with your philosophy and together you will make a difference.

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8 years 37 weeks 5 days 21 hours ago


Hear hear!

With 5,000+ readers, everyone can contribute simply by making their opinions known and making comments on the stories posted here.

Some of the best sites, ever, have been particularly marked by their strong, and active, communal commentary.

This has worked well here in the past, so don't be afraid to post strong opinions on the subjects presented and make this site even better than it already is.

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8 years 37 weeks 5 days 1 hour ago


I agree with you about

I agree with you about everything. The point is that I imagine (I have no certainty about this point) that RMS and the FSF would want something that they can point to and be assured that there is a strict adherence to the FSF doctrine.

As a result of the nature of this site, there will always be something that doesn't adhere to the doctrine and so, it is more difficult to recommend as a good resource (I am still imagining this is the situation).

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8 years 37 weeks 4 days 16 hours ago


I think this would be the ideal situation...

Yes, unfortunately, there is far too much important news, articles and howtos reported by people who don't care about freedom. The ideal situation (for the FSF and it's followers) would be if the news was (re)written by people with the FSF agenda, terminology and philosophy in mind. The FSF could (or might already) provide people a place to post articles like this. Alternatively, I welcome anyone who wishes to write articles of this nature in our blogs section. These posts can then be linked to and voted on here.