For years the free and open source software people would say that the number one enemy, the devil on earth, the only factor blocking us from flooding the mass market with gnomes, mice and strange k-prefixed creatures is the company from Redmond. But is it still the case today?

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The enemy of free software

The enemy of free software today is the same as it has always been: the people that hold an unjust power over the rest of society. This means the masters over proprietary software, the masters over digital restriction technologies, the masters over software patents and authority figures such as federal governments.

I would say the number one enemy of free software is not just Microsoft. The real danger is general ignorance and apathy towards freedom. Microsoft may be the company that has caused the most damage to freedom, but that damage exists because they've managed to convince people that their software systems of convenience is more important than freedom. If society cared about their freedom, Microsoft could never hold such power over society.

The fact of the matter is, all proprietary software holds an unjust power over society. It doesn't matter if the software comes from Adobe, Nintendo, Konami, Apple, Sony, or Microsoft, everybody that accepts proprietary software cannot live in freedom. The thing that is stopping society from adopting our systems of freedom are general apathy, ignorance and a higher value placed towards expedient satisfaction over freedom.