It is final! ISO confirms the voting on Open XML. No open standard yet for Microsoft.

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Congratulations to computer users

Congratulations to computer users everywhere!

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The war is not over yet, just one

The war is not over yet, just one battle is won.

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It's a major battle though, it

It's a major battle though, it means that OOXML will be subjected to a thorough examination which it's not likely to pass. Anyone have access to the comments? I doubt if Microsoft can address them by February 2008.

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The war is not over. Yes a major

The war is not over. Yes a major battle has been won, but it doesn't (yet) mean a comprehensive review. Countries can change their votes up to the BRM (Ballot Resolution Meeting) and all Microsoft needs is to flip 5 votes in the Committee and one country (to get the 2/3rds in committee and 75% in all voters.

So don't hold your breath while Microsoft ramps down its lobbying... expect to to pick up.


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I don't know that the rejoicing

I don't know that the rejoicing is justified. The vote was close and it's pretty normal for some balloters to change their votes as comments are resolved and deadlines approach.

On the other hand, this one has been so overtly politicized that the votes may be less likely to change...

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Given how close the vote was, it

Given how close the vote was, it only serves to remind me how out of touch these bodies seem to be about what best serves the interest of the IT community as a whole. The story isn't out yet but I bet there are some back room meetings that have the transparency we have come to associate with other such august bodies such as the International Olympic Committee. The only difference between the IOC and international bodies which give their imprimatur to standards is that no one in the everyday world pays attention to a bunch of geeks setting IT standards. I expect Microsoft to throw as much of its weight and money around as it possibly can. I just don't believe that all the people who are involved in the standards setting process have the integrity to be immune to such a tsunami of influence. To quote David Byrne of Talking Heads fame, "Same as it ever was."