Last night I received a google alert about a new blog posting with a most misleading title. The title read "OSI Approves Microsoft's 'Shared Software' Licenses". This half-truth was paired with another half-truth: that I was President of the Portland-based Open Source Initiative. (The OSI is incorporated in California.)

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The open source folks are getting

The open source folks are getting a taste of their own medicine. Open Source is a marketing term for Free Software. Free Software has had to educate people about the difference between free software and open source because of the OSI, now let the OSI educate people about the difference between "open" and "shared". What goes around, comes around.

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Misinformation? I think not. The

Misinformation? I think not. The OSI did this to /itself/. Looking at the news from last, what do I find? Here... from he past few hours...

Another 'open source' faker. Nothing to do with open source apart from something in the company's name...

Open Source Storage and DISC Partner to Enhance Open Archive Initiative


Another 'open source' faker appears to have just been acquired.

Fonality Calls In Acquisition

Telephony vendor Fonality has made its first acquisition by purchasing open-source CRM provider Insightful Solutions.


Open source integrator (moocher)...

GigaSpaces, GridGain to Provide Robust Grid Solution

The GigaSpaces-GridGain partnership is part of an ongoing initiative at GigaSpaces to work closely with the open source community. As part of the relationship, GridGain is distributing GigaSpaces XAP Community Edition, a free version of GigaSpaces' flagship product. Other open source projects that are integrated with GigaSpaces include the Spring Framework, Mule ESB and Hibernate.


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Haha. Microsoft have named their

Haha. Microsoft have named their licenses 'shared source' because they wanted to avoid fanboys saying 'hey, this ain't open source' (and some of their licenses truly arent, e. g. MS-RL).
This is misinformation (== FUD) from online media.