Steve Ballmer apparently likes open source. Well, so long as it drives Windows revenue. And doesn't replace any. Ever. In fact, as he said at an event in Microsoft last week in London that he hopes to see all open-source innovation going to Windows, rather than Linux (more below).

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Like a commenter on /. once posted

Like a commenter on /. once posted (paraphrased):

"Sure, after M$ pays Xerox for the UI and BSD for nslookup, they can come after Linux"

Since I used a lot of Free and Open Source in Windows, I decided just to go ahead and use a GNU/Linux distro instead. Now I have the same functionality in my 4G partition that I had in 20G of Windows XP.

If Ballmer wanted to keep me in Windows then why did he make Vista crappy and the planned end of support for XP?

The point of Windows anymore is what?

Get some help, silly dancing man.