Over the past week, a couple of events have served to highlight the extent to which Novell vice-president Miguel de Icaza is helping Microsoft to implement its strategy of curbing the growth of free and open source software.

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Ballmer dressed in sheep's...

Miguel's Free Software credentials should get withdrawn and he should be drummed out of the FOSS corps, completely.

He's little more than a Ballmer in a sheep suit.

He's employed by Ballmer's very best buddy, Ronnie Hovesepian; he's totally dedicated to implementing Microsoft's patented .NET Framework into the very heart of GNU/Linux; and now, Big Brother Ballmer has rewarded his M$ dedication with a directorship of Microsoft's brand new anti-FOSS trojan horse, the CodePlex Foundation.

Ballmer will be laughing his silly great head off if we fall for his Miguel trick. He'll figure that we're thicker than two short planks.

And we will be.