Last week, David Coursey reported that Microsoft entertainment and devices boss Robbie Bach made the prediction in an analyst briefing that Linux on mobile will lose. Why? It’s choice is a bad thing for customers and that there is too much Linux in the mobile marketplace. By Bach’s count there are 17 variants of Linux available on mobile phones. He sees this as a bad thing for customers. We, unsurprisingly, see this as a bad thing for Microsoft.

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Ballmer yearns for the good old Soviet days, when the down-trodden masses were too scared to complain about the shonky goods provided by the state-monopoly and choice wasn't a word in their dictionary.

"Choice!", bellows Ballmer, "Vot ist dat. Straight to de Gulags wiv all dese choicers! Und dese Linuxers! Counter-revolutionaries! Firing squad too gut for dem! Use back of shovel! Ah, de gut olt days!"

Another day in the M$ dream factory.