The Joomla! developers have announced that Microsoft has signed the Joomla! Contributor Agreement (JCA) and has already begun contributing code

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Created by meteores 7 years 37 weeks ago
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7 years 37 weeks 2 days 2 hours ago


Hug of death!

This "agreement" is totally bad news for Joomla. It spells the end of their days as an independent entity and a rapid spiral into oblivion.

Goodbye Joomla, it was nice knowing you.

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7 years 37 weeks 2 days 1 hour ago


Worse comes to worst...

You could always get the snapshot of what they have right now, and fork it. Happened to Mambo, can easily happen again.

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7 years 36 weeks 6 days 8 hours ago


Worse comes to worst...

Exactly, it's no big deal if Joomla is truly free. If there is any influence from Microsoft that would cause Joomla or the community to fall apart, the community who cares for Joomla can still maintain a variant of Joomla under a different name - but only if Joomla is free software.

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7 years 36 weeks 4 days 19 hours ago



It is Licensed under the GPL.....

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7 years 36 weeks 4 days 4 hours ago


By the way, I agree.

I think that one of the things that really annoy Mafiasoft is the ability for Free Software projects to get forked easily after they hijack them.

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7 years 36 weeks 3 days 7 hours ago


Might not be so bad

It depends upon how much code Microsoft is contributing, and whether that code is maintained over time. In one way this shows how Microsoft is losing ground to open source, and is being forced to contribute code under GPL in order to keep its platform relevant.