Microsoft Office possibly scares users who try to open ODF in Microsoft Office.

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Not News about Free Software

MS Office says ODF files are corrupt. Schestowitz is speculating that MS has programmed this into their software as part of the conspiracy campaign of "Embrace Extend and Extinguish" (EEE) against the ODF.

I admit that these messages of corruption are suspicious, though I don't agree with his conclusions because I believe there is still plausible deniability involved. It is possible that the Office programmers aren't up to standard with their implementation of ODF and need more time to better improve their work. If more time passes and this problem still remains (I estimate two months would be adequate), then Schestowitz's assertion would be more substantial.

This possible conspiracy really doesn't matter either way; it is inconsequential to the free software community what MS does with their software; we can safely ignore it as long if it doesn't affect our right to freedom.

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I have taken crazy pills

A plea to the FSDaily community:
Please, anybody, teach me how this has a direct on the free software community. I really don't understand why news of a software proprietor mucking about with their proprietary program is going to harm the free software community.