"I received an email this morning from a friend who is planning to put his open source project in Google Code, the open source repository hosted by Google..."

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I knew this would be the case a long time ago...

The GPL disrupts Microsoft's business model which is based on distributing software.

The AGPL disrupts Google's business model which is based on SaaS (Software as a Service).

Google is in a funny position because they support a lot of free software, but now the FSF has taken additional steps to protect user freedoms in a new way, which will put pressure on Google in the long run to adapt their business model.

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Funny excuse from Google:

A developer asked, back in November:

"Can I host a project on Google's Project Hosting, if it's licensed under AGPL? It's one of FSF's licenses. I really need AGPL instead of GPL, as my project is a server-side software."

Chris DiBona, Google master of open source, answered:

"In fact we do not support the AGPL on code.google.com. We are actively trying to fight the proliferation of licenses that are considered open source and the AGPL both has very little market share and has not been certified as being open source by the OSI."


Here is yet another case where the corporate-friendly Open Source Initiative falls short of the Free Software Foundation in protecting user freedom.

I think the Open Source Initiative is pretty well useless. I'd prefer to reserve the "OSI" acronym for the Open Society Institute, which has funded activists against software-patents in Europe.