The GPLv3 debates are drawing to a close. By the end of the year, it may have become reality. Whether or not the Linux kernel team will adopt the new license, however is still up for debate. Linus Torvalds is not as fervently anti-GPLv3 as he was in earlier renditions of the license, but he still isn't ready to support a wholesale move to it, either.

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It's amazing that a man can be

It's amazing that a man can be so intelligent and yet so stupid, a visionary and yet blind at the same. How can one possibly not see the insidious nature of tivoisation? They found a loop hole, Linus. Richard and Eben had to patch it up. You better get on board or millions will suffer.

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Linux can't be made GPLv3 even

Linux can't be made GPLv3 even if Torvalds wanted...

The kernel is not the property of Torvalds.. it belongs to the community of developers.

To switch to GPLv3 the permission of every person that contributed must be granted. That's almost impossible.