Clear definitions are not an accident. They're born from knowing that rough statements (eg, "quite large" or "very very far") don't cut it. Of course we all know this... we're just puzzled about why someone on the European Commission would replace - at no one's request - the precise definitions of Open Source and Open Standards by this amazing abstraction called the Openness Continuum... which according to their definition includes both open and closed.

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M$ behind this

It's standard operating procedure for M$ to change words and blur meanings when the originals express unpalatable truths about M$.

For instance, while you never hear the terms,"proprietary software", and, "Free Software", coming out of any M$ mouth, you hear plenty of, "Open Source", and, "interoperability", which they will now morph into such meaningless terms as, "Open continuum".

They hope that the EU will be too stupid to realise that;

"M$ is a giant monopoly that's ripping everyone off using software patents."


"M$ is a responsible player in the Open Continuum."

both meam exactly the same thing.