Norway Standards has released its decision on OOXML. It's No with Comments. Essentially, they are concerned about too many technical issues and wish to see them fixed before it becomes a standard.

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In Portugal it was even more funny: [...]

In Portugal it was even more funny:




Must use some kind of translator because those are in portuguese.

But basically, SUN and IBM were out of the Technical Commitee. Also several important universities and national institutes and several big companies interested. There were only two meetings: one to create the commitee and another to vote... a document with more than 6000 pages.

But they included two municipalities in the commitee and the presidency was a senior staff member of Microsoft Portugal.

You can see the composition of that commitee at http://blog.softwarelivre.sapo.pt/2007/07/31/diz-nao-ao-ooxml-13/

Those who voted "yes" are all partners of Microsoft.
And the rules implied a "Conditional NO with comments" as the only way to vote against, and that is a YES with the condition that the "comment" issues are solved first.

So, in reallity the options were "You vote YES or you vote yes" :)

This article at http://blog.softwarelivre.sapo.pt/2007/07/23/diz-nao-ao-ooxml-10/ also explain how the voting went and was made by someone that was there.

There is another article at http://www.fsdaily.com/out/How_public_money_should_not_be_spent related to how things go around here. Unfortunately for most of FSDaily readers the links direct to portuguese articles.