A couple of weeks ago (Dec 12, 2009 to be exact) Miguel di Icaza made a bold move and pulled all GPL code out of MonoDevelop, replacing it with LGPL Of course the open source community had a lot to say about this.

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Created by kaeser 8 years 19 weeks ago
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I don't buy this

This completely overlooks the M$ menace that lays behind everything that Miguel does.

Trying to exist in the same world as M$ is very difficult for the Free Software Community and the GPL has provided our greatest shield against this lawless rabble.

It's like trying to live next door to Attila the Hun, or the Russian Mafia and the criminal conduct never stops, or even slows down.

Without the protection of the GPL, M$ would have crushed the Free Software Community a dozen times over while singing hymns of praise to the great M$-Cult.

Anyone who has forgotten Microsoft's conduct in the recent OOXML Wars is displaying a remarkably short memory. They behaved exactly like some crazed barbarian horde as they hacked through the world's standards bodies, lying, corrupting and bribing as they went.

"M$ Miguel" is acting as their man inside the Free Software Community and we are very right to regard his activities with grave suspicion. It's a matter of simple self-preservation.