California-based IP gurus Palamida emailed me this week with some intriguing GPLv3 information that I thought I’d share with everyone this morning. Apparently all the GPLv3 haters can go to lunch, because the little license that could is seeing adoption rates of approximately 14% week-over-week.

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TFA has confusing statistics/graphics.

TFA has confusing statistics/graphics. The graph shows a bar for August which is a weekly migration rate.... It suggest the projects converted are in the hundreds when they are in the thousands.

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Moreover, 'or later' is still not

Moreover, 'or later' is still not GPLv3, even though zealots would like it.

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The only thing worse than Linux

The only thing worse than Linux zealots are anti-Linux zealots...

No wait there's plenty of things worse than Linux zealots. At least they have your freedom and everybody elses as their goal.

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For what it is worth - I was beliveing

For what it is worth - I was beliveing the text of TFA when the graphic is consistent with the source of TFA on http://gpl3.palamida.com/

However, when I look at http://directory.fsf.org/all/ I find 659 projects listed as GPL or GPLv3, nearly double what Palamida lists. Palamida is a voluntary listing. Many projects are apparently not listing.

The FSF directory only lists 5396 projects while there are over 68000 GPL projects existing.
see http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php?form_cat=15

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a simple way to grab license.txt from each of the projects. Sourceforge describes most as GPL. One can click on the project link and "search code" for license.txt

Even the list of newly approved projects does not list the license version:

Many are listed as GPL while the COPYING file contains Version 2

So, I do not know the number of GPLv3 projects but it is much larger than TFA suggests. Palamida does not seem to equate "GPL-v2 or later" with GPLv3. The "or later"s are 4769.