It seems as if most people are for OpenSource but against any other form of distribution/development. For example, Microsoft maintains ownership of the software that they sell on store shelves. No one owns a copy of Windows except for Microsoft. Well, good for them, but when Microsoft's products became dominant due to market demand people starting making noise because Microsoft wanted to put their own software on their own software (Internet Explorer on Windows)... so even though it's Microsoft's property on both accounts, they apparently did wrong by bundling the two together? Now, in the realm of current events we are seeing something similar with Google.

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5 years 2 days 10 hours 59 min ago


I vote for Pinky

So do we prefer Pinky and the Brain or Google to take over the world?

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5 years 1 day 12 hours 17 min ago


I am confused

I am confused. Could someone explain the point of this? I don't understand what idea is being presented here.

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voted down

I voted this article down. Because as I read it, this is just again this “freedom to enslave” rubbish coupled with Google-bashing and Microsoft-whitewashing.