Why is an intellectual property treaty being negotiated in the name of the US public kept quiet as a matter of national security and treated as "some shameful secret"?

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Steven J Metalitz: public enemy

I searched for a picture of this world-wide enemy of democracy, but could only find this thumbnail at;

You'll need to use Firefox Image Zoom a couple of times before the full impact of this unpleasant face really begins to turn your stomach.

This is the face that the billionaire scumbags of Hollywood and the recording industry turn to when they want to extort a few extra bucks from some unmarried mother who downloaded a song for free.

This is a face that slithers out from under a rock to subvert our politicians into believing that civilization will end if the Internet doesn't have an Iron Curtain of censorship clamped upon it.

Thus is a face that the Ballmers and Gates of this world turn to when their shonky monopolies are threatened by Free Software.

This is also the face behind the secret world of ACTA.

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This makes me very angry and concerned. Thank you for linking to it.

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It is

Yes, I hate the way these creeps hide behind curtains of anonymity and secretly make decisions that create a life of misery for all the rest of us.