Sun Microsystems is to open-source the last closed-source parts of Java, a move that should make it possible to fully integrate the software into Linux distributions.

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No Java applet support?

The article does not mention Java applet support at all, any idea if it'll ever get liberated? Lack of some java applet features like liveconnect forced me to recently switch to another bank since my old bank started to use applets extensively.

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I have no idea if this is

I have no idea if this is accurate to reality but I imagine a free Java implementation by Sun would include free Java applet support.

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Many people seem to imagine

Many people seem to imagine this indeed :-) Unfortunately Sun apparently did not liberate their java plugin:

00:01 < lindi-> fitzsim: hmm, why was gcjwebplugin used at all? openjdk's plugin had too many proprietary parts?
00:01 < fitzsim> lindi-: OpenJDK doesn't have a plugin
00:02 < gnu_andrew> lindi-, openjdk's plugin is proprietary
00:02 < gnu_andrew> lindi-, or rather as fitzsim says it doesn't have one and the jdk one is proprietary
00:02 < lindi-> fitzsim: gnu_andrew: ok, have they given any explanation for that?
00:03 < gnu_andrew> just not one of the things they've managed to open up yet
00:03 < fitzsim> lindi-: yes, it's encumbered -- i.e., some other entity owns the copyright, Sun has asked them to relicense it, and that entity has refused
00:03 < gnu_andrew> like the other binary blobs I guess
00:03 < lindi-> ok