I remain frustrated by the complete lack of marketing and business sense that many open source companies continue to display. I thought that we were past the whole foolishness of competing in the ghetto amongst ourselves vs. the big proprietary guys with lots of dough but it seems that the argument has just started taking other forms.

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Many in the FLOSS community are

Many in the FLOSS community are in the game to get a better system, not to corner the market. Those who do want to make money, like RedHat and Ubuntu, cannot possibly win a big coup. They have to grind away growing their share of the market. Advertising will help. Both do it on the web so they reach some audience, but there does not seem to be the intent to take customers away from M$ but to catch flies buzzing around the honey. IBM and Novell did some major ads in the world, but most small operations cannot afford that. Also, it is very hard to grow an organization quickly without making major mistakes. I think things are progressing very well outside the USA. The USA is the last stronghold of M$ and it will take things other than PR to change the USA: killing software patents, and enforcing competition laws to name a couple.

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Reason they compete against each

Reason they compete against each other is they're immediate competitors.

Plus, competition is alway good. It root out the incompetent from the competent. The survivors would be faster, stronger, and more wiser when they go up against proprietary companies.