Yesterday, Apple computer released Safari for windows, proving that the company does have the desire to expand their enterprise and myriad programs to other platforms. However, they so far have neglected the Linux user. Will apple release iTunes for Linux? Not anytime soon. So what solutions does the open source community have?

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I'll buy DRM-free songs from any

I'll buy DRM-free songs from any service that allows me to use a free software client on GNU/Linux (which can just be Firefox). So far I can't get EMI (or any other major label) songs this way, but I like Magnatune and there are other indie options. I have high hopes for Amazon Music, even if they insist on only offering MP3 (patented).

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There's a few problems. First,

There's a few problems.

First, winesetuptk Ubuntu packages are only available for Warty, Breezy, and Hoary.


"Due to issues and limitations of different sound cards/chipsets, iTunes may not work perfectly with the default settings provided by CrossOver Office. Please see the iTunes FAQ entry for information on how to resolve these issues."

So you can install it, but just can't play music.

I installed 6.0.5 in WINE. It couldn't play either...

Finally, as anon said:

"Not really worth it to set iTunes up under Wine, since one can’t buy new music in 6.0.5. Better to just use the alternatives until Wine can update to use iTunes 7"

Even though iTunes is superior (IMHO) to any other music player, I'll stick with Amarok/JuK

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I tried this and had very little

I tried this and had very little luck with it. As noted above, winesetuptk doesn't exist for Feisty. I did get iTunes running, but it couldn't access the store, so I couldn't subscribe to podcasts. Basically, it wasn't worth the trouble and I removed it. Your mileage may vary...

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did anyone mention rhythmbox, banshee,

did anyone mention rhythmbox, banshee, exaile, (and even audacious) some of the interesting music players available for GNU/Linux? surely listening to music hasn't become "all about the iTunes store" has it? this story doesn't get my vote.

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I gave up on iTunes long ago. Amarok

I gave up on iTunes long ago. Amarok plus a grandfathered-in 90 downloads for $20/month eMusic account gets me all I need. Amarok handles iPod syncing better than iTunes (imho), and makes podcast syncing a set-it-and-forget-it deal.

eMusic sells completely DRM-free mp3s at a decent quality (most are 192k VBR) and a great price (less than a quarter each for my plan), and gets me great music like the New Pornographers, The White Stripes, Paul McCartney's new CD, etc.

Who needs iTunes?

Not me! :D