In my last article about Xorg, I touched upon several points that have been in a state of continual flux in Xorg. Here's a follow-up on that article, as it seems to have generated quite a lot of interest. However, I didn't expand much on some features and their implications, so I will do so here.

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The X Window System Trap - by Richard M. Stallman

RMS: «... Friends, free software developers, don't repeat a mistake. If we do not copyleft our software, we put its future at the mercy of anyone equipped with more resources than scruples. With copyleft, we can defend freedom, not just for ourselves, but for our whole community. »

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I can only assume that RMS said that a long, long time ago. Isn't it interesting, though? Look how far Free Software on the desktop has come. Give it a few more years, I think, and projects such as Nouveau and gNewSense will come into a full-blown fruition. Some day relatively soon, I may be able to do everything I do now with 100% Free Software. With that in mind, it certainly makes the world seem like a much nicer place.