As popular as they have been in the past, I still have some mixed feelings when it comes to the PR health of really low cost Linux PCs. On one hand, they are fantastic as they allow people access to modern computing that may have otherwise been prevented from switching from an older system or finding access to one, for that matter.

But the fact remains that selling so many of these low-end machines may not be good for the cause.

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I think it would be hard to justify

I think it would be hard to justify a high end pc for GNU/Linux. Most of the consumer machines that are high end were bought for 3D gaming, something GNU/Linux lacks in, partly due to the whole 3d card driver issue, the only one that is %100 free software right now is the intel integrated graphics card, probably not something a gamer would be after.

GNU/Linux makes sense for low end, email/web browsing/office machines, and mid range pcs (like the low end but with slightly better hardware.) GNU/Linux also makes sense for workstation machines(unfortunatly most likely running proprietary speacialized applications on top of an enterprise distro such as Red Hat), but thosse arn't something a consumer is likely to purchase.

If GNU/Linux wants to take the high end of the market, it needs to have applications that use alot of computing power, but also that a lot of people want, else that extra computing power is just wasted. Things like music editing or video editing might work.