Gnome Do is an add on that will allow you to quickly launch applications, run terminal commands and do searches both within your desktop as well as on the internet.

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Created by peterk 8 years 8 weeks ago
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8 years 8 weeks 4 days 5 hours ago


The best method of using Gnome Do..

I can also announce a much better way of using Gnome Do.

Simply, go to the terminal and type:

[ sudo apt-get purge mono-runtime ]

After that, you can enjoy the merits of a totally mono-free computing experiment! Ahhh.. so refreshing!! xD

Uhh oh, You've just removed Gnome Do as well! Oops!

Yup! That's the point. Gnome Do, is a Mono based junkware, and the only condition under which it can be considered usable is when it gets either forked or re-written in some other decent language/platform. (E.g., Python, Java, C++.. etc.)

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8 years 7 weeks 5 days 6 hours ago


Nifty mono-whacker!

Ha! I just used your mono whacking command to disinfect my new 10.04 install.

Worked like a charm. WHAMO! Mono!

I was astounded that there was actually 48.8 MBs of this garbage infecting 10.04.