I’ve been fiddling with Linux for a decade now. And, frankly, back then it was a total bear to get it working - you had to really, really, want to.

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for everyone? that's hardly

for everyone? that's hardly true, as most gnu/linux users know. of course any distro can be used for any task, but we need to take user preference in. i, for example, don't like the feel of ubuntu and wouldn't use it, and i know lots of other people who feel the same, no matter what's their flavor of choice.

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Definitely agreed.

Ubuntu is, to me, the best balance of ease-of-use and power. It's Debian heritage makes it both familiar and logical in its Unix basics, while the GNOME desktop makes it very accessible to the everyday user.

I've been using GNU/Linux since the SLS days (back in fall of '93). I've seen distributions come and go, and the one thing I know is: I like things to be *logical.* Not necessarily configurable (which Ubuntu is, certainly), but they should *make sense.*

I've used MS-Windows, Apple OSX, VMS, OS/2, NeXTStep, GEOS, Amiga OS, and a slew of other operating systems. Although NeXTStep was the best balance of power and simplicity, Ubuntu is the best current balance for my needs. (Developer, power user, writer, and eye-candy appreciator).

Anyway. That's my opinion. Your opinion may differ.